Suunto 7 Graphite Copper

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Have you also been waiting for a watch that will unite the two worlds? At Suunt, they have created a watch that is not only sporty, but also smart. That’s right, the Suunto 7 is a versatile GPS sports and smartwatch in one. It is powered by the Google Wear OS operating system and is designed to help you make the most of the life and sports activities you love.


Reconciling sports passion with a strenuous and fast-paced life rhythm can be an extremely difficult task. Do you want a sports watch that is ready when you are and a smart watch that takes care of your everyday life? Suunto 7 offers you the best of both worlds and is designed to help you make the most of your time. This is the first Suunto watch to combine a versatile Suunto sports experience, general and heat maps, and useful smartwatch features from the Google Wear OS system. Suunto 7 gives you a versatile sports experience, sharing statistics, exploring new places with maps, viewing tasks, calls and messages, listening to music, customizing, downloading popular apps, measuring heart rate from your wrist and many more useful features. The watch is designed and tested in Finland. It is resistant to water, shocks and dirt, so you can use it in rain, snow or mud. With suunto 7 you will make the most of your time. Think of a life and sports partner who never disappoints and is always ready for new adventures and adventures. Suunto 7 is compatible with Android and IOS phones.








Suunto 7 gives you insight into weather conditions and alerts in the context of current activity. Your sports companion alerts you to an upcoming storm, measures the water temperature, or informs you that your hike won’t end before sunset.





The screen stays awake throughout the workout and consumes only a minimal amount of battery. This allows you to constantly view all your workout data without having to activate the screen.





If you select “Good” location accuracy (positioning about every 10 seconds), the battery lasts longer. *Useful for longer outdoor activities or when the battery is low and you want to continue. The FusedTrack function is used while running or cycling to improve the quality of tracking.





You’re tired of certain routes and you’re not sure where to go. We have made the latter easier for you by adding your favourite routes to the Suunto app. There are generated from Suunto community exercises.





When deciding on new places and routes, it is often difficult to determine a starting point. Take a look at your popular starting points in the Suunto app, so you can easily know where to start your adventure.





View a daily, monthly, or annual heat map. You can also compare your routes to the most popular routes your sport.





The improved Suunto homepage gives you direct access to your calendar, the sum of your activity data and the map.





The MyRadar app offers an extremely fast way to view upcoming weather conditions. Allows you to view the weather in real time. View local animated weather maps, and make it easier to plan your outdoor adventures.





Find your next adventures on Sportihome, check out the best routes with Wikiloc or see the routes with Land. Suunto partners offer you the tools for your next running trip or trip to the mountains.


New features are available by updating the Suunto 7 system to version PXDZ.200824.005.


Versatile sports experience

Track your workout with precision. At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to access more than 70 sports modes, GPS and heart rate sensor.

Share your statistics

Connect with popular services like Strava, Endomondo and TrainingPeaks, or share your workouts in the Suunto app.

Exploring new places with the help of maps

Find your new routes or follow the most popular trails with built-in heat maps.

It is powered by Google Wear OS

Check when you have your next appointment or take a quick look at your to-do list, calls, and messages. Suunto 7 also enables quick and easy payments via the Google Pay application (limited to countries that already have the mentioned system or method of payment).

Music that motivates

Listen to music that will take you further – connect headphones to your phone and control music from your wrists.

A watch made to measure

Make a watch to your liking. Customize it with different screen layouts, interchangeable bands and download your favorite apps with Google Play ™.



Close monitoring of your sports activities

All the sporty features of the Suunto 7 are just a button away. Keep a close eye on your workout with 70+ sports modes, GPS and a wrist heart rate sensor. You can easily share your results with others, either through the Suunto app or through other services such as Strava, Endomondo and TrainingPeaks. A detailed insight will help you train smarter and encourage you to achieve your goals. Many would probably agree that music is a great motivator for sports activities, so Suunto 7 allows you to connect headphones to your phone during exercise and control music from your wrist.




Encourage your research

Discover the world around you with free maps showing details of terrain, trails and contour lines. You can view the maps at any time, as they are always at hand. The watch has built-in heat maps for 15 activities, including running, swimming and cycling. It will also show you the most popular routes, so you can train where others have trained before you or avoid already beaten trails. Local maps are automatically downloaded when you are connected to WIFI and the clock is charging. You can also manually select the map of the desired location and download it. With downloaded maps, you will always find the best routes, even when you don’t have a phone and internet access.



For an easier everyday life

At a time when you are not into sports, Suunto 7 offers you convenient smartwatch functions from a provider you can trust. The watch is powered by Google Wear OS, which means it is the smartest sports watch ever. Stay informed by your favorite apps, check your next appointment or to-do list, easily view calls and incoming messages. The watch enables faster and more secure payments with Google Pay ™, smart help Google Assistant and thousands of other applications on Google Play. The availability of Google Pay and Google Assistant varies by language and country.




Ready for all your adventures

Suunto is known for its quality and meticulous testing, so your watch will be ready for the toughest conditions. The Suunto 7 watch is resistant to water, shock and dirt, so you will be able to use it in rain, snow or mud. You will access the buttons quickly and easily, even if you wear gloves. The extremely bright high-resolution screen is protected by durable Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant glass. The battery is ready for all-day use of the smartwatch, and at the same time it will still have enough power for daily exercise. It can also provide up to 48 hours of use in smartwatch mode or up to 12 hours in GPS tracking mode. Actual battery life may vary depending on settings, applications, and many other factors.



Better every day

Thanks to Wifi connectivity, the software update is automatic, so your watch is always up to date and has the latest features. Extend the clock’s features with your favorite apps on Google Play and change the look of your watch with different screen layouts and interchangeable bands.



It offers the benefits of our partner network

Connect Suunto 7 to your favorite apps and analyze your activities, find exercise tips, or create 3D videos of your adventures that you can share with your communities.


Brand: Suunto
Housing size: 50 mm x 50 mm
Housing thickness: 15.5 mm
Housing material: Composite, Stainless steel
Glass: Gorilla Glass3
Dial color: Color screen
Waterproof: 5 ATM
Type of watch: Smart, Digital
Pass material: Silicone
Waist width: 24 mm
Gender: Men, Women
Warranty: 2 years



Dimensions: 50 mm x 15.5 mm x 24 mm
Weight: 70 g
Housing: Stainless steel
Glass: Gorilla Glass
Dog: Silicone





Dimensions: 50 mm x 15.5 mm x 24 mm
Weight: 70 g
Housing: Stainless Steel
Glass: Gorilla Glass
Dog: silicone

Dimensions: 50 mm x 15.5 mm x 24 mm
Weight: 70 g
Housing: Stainless Steel
Glass: Gorilla Glass
Dog: silicone


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