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The Dainese HGC line was conceived to protect riders from the elements with insulating and comfortable materials. HGC Shell is the waterproof mountain bike jacket that lets you keep on riding even when you’re caught in the rain or it suddenly gets cold.   Made of stretch fabric to adapt to all movements of the body. Its cut is specifically tailored for riding – longer at the rear, to cover the entire back when in riding position, and shorter at the front so as not to be in the way. The fit also takes into account the use of protectors on the back, shoulders and elbows.

It boasts a 2.5L construction, where the outermost layer is in knitted fabric and undergoes a water-repellent treatment while the innermost layer is a waterproof membrane resistant to a water column of 10,000 mm; all seams are taped, to ensure maximum water resistance even in heavy rain.  HGC Shell features two front pockets and one back pocket, adjustable cuffs, adjustable zippered air vents at the front, and a hood that can be worn over the helmet.   HGC Shell is easily foldable and takes up little space – it can be stored in a belt bag or a small backpack.





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Dostava i plaćanje

Dostava je moguća isključivo na području Republike Hrvatske.
Naručene proizvode dostavlja Hrvatska pošta.

  • cijena dostava se obračunava prema težini paketa i naplaćuje se u paušalnom iznosu od 8,00 EUR s PDV-om za pošiljke lakše od 1 kg
  • za narudžbe do 5 kg i preko 150,00 EUR s PDV-om, bez popusta na maloprodajnom ili veleprodajnom računu, cijena dostave je besplatna
  • za narudžbe kompletnih bicikala ili okvira bicikala u originalnoj kutiji i težini većoj od 5 kg i manjoj od 20 kg, i prodajnoj maloprodajnoj ili veleprodajnoj cijeni bez popusta, cijena paketa je besplatna
  • PLAĆANJE: za sada je moguće samo plaćanje na naš račun prema ponudi koju šaljemo nakon što napravite narudžbu.
  • pročitajete više o dostavi i plaćanju 

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