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Dainese ski helmets are designed around the skier’s head, encircling it and offering maximum protection and lightness, with a functional design enhancing performance.

ELEMENTO sets the standard in terms of lightness and protection. Its durable and lightweight polycarbonate shell and EPS inner shell are able to absorb the most violent impacts, and exceed the strictest European and North American certification standards – CE EN 1077 type B and ASTM F-2040 – while ensuring an extremely low helmet weight. The large central ventilation holes are positioned at the point of greatest air pressure and allow the flow inside the helmet to be channeled, transporting excess moisture and heat to the outside. The inside of the helmet comprises a warm and breathable thermoformed lining, which makes the helmet very comfortable, allowing for the rapid absorption of sweat and moisture.

The geometry of the ear section is inspired by the auxetic shapes present in nature, shapes that expand in every direction as a result of an impact or stress. Soft and breathable, it comfortably envelops while allowing the wearer to freely perceive sounds coming from outside. The ELEMENTO MIPS model is equipped with the patented MIPS Brain Protection System, which significantly reduces the impact force transmitted to the brain in a collision, protecting it from any dangerous rotational accelerations of the head, one of the main causes of serious brain damage in case of a fall or impact. The buckle closure is durable and easy to operate even when wearing gloves. The rear mask clip is made of silicone, with a practical metal button.

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159,00  (1.197,99 kn)

Dostava i plaćanje

Dostava je moguća isključivo na području Republike Hrvatske.
Naručene proizvode dostavlja Hrvatska pošta.

  • cijena dostava se obračunava prema težini paketa i naplaćuje se u paušalnom iznosu od 8,00 EUR s PDV-om za pošiljke lakše od 1 kg
  • za narudžbe do 5 kg i preko 150,00 EUR s PDV-om, bez popusta na maloprodajnom ili veleprodajnom računu, cijena dostave je besplatna
  • za narudžbe kompletnih bicikala ili okvira bicikala u originalnoj kutiji i težini većoj od 5 kg i manjoj od 20 kg, i prodajnoj maloprodajnoj ili veleprodajnoj cijeni bez popusta, cijena paketa je besplatna
  • PLAĆANJE: za sada je moguće samo plaćanje na naš račun prema ponudi koju šaljemo nakon što napravite narudžbu.
  • pročitajete više o dostavi i plaćanju 

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